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  • National Certificate Holder (NCH), Registered Home Inspector (RHI) Certified
  • Spanish,French,English Language
  • Registered Home Inspector (RHI) Achievement
  • Experience
  • Home Inspector (RHI) Designation
  • National Certificate Holder (NCH), Specialty

Barry, originally from Bermuda, moved to Canada in 2012 and settled in Edmonton. He’s been in the construction industry for over 30 years , building residential houses and commercial buildings . Barry has vast knowledge with masonry, carpentry, tiling and numerous other trades. All this helps him do an even better job serving you in your home inspection.

Being educated in Bermuda and obtaining a high school certificate at the age of eighteen. Barry joined the Bermuda regiment which he served in for approximately 5 years. At the end of his service, Barry left the regiment with the rank of acting sergeant, and decided to further his education here in Edmonton.

Barry completed an alarm installation course and then continued on a home inspection course. Now Barry is a licensed home inspector and his background in construction has proven very useful while he conducts home inspections.

Now Barry is still continuing his education at Rivers International Bible college studying to become a Pastor.

And as Barry puts it:
“I am pursuing the career as a home inspector so that I can get away from the daily grind of strenuous construction work, and that I can use my vast knowledge to a higher capacity. I will help the homeowner with their dream home by applying myself with a high level of professionalism. I will always give them an accurate and detailed report to the best of my ability, humanly possible , to ensure that the homeowner gets the correct information needed
for their new purchase.”




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